Recipe for a perfect Italian wedding

A perfect, magical Italian wedding step by step

It is done. The man of your life has asked you to marry, and where else to make a perfect celebration of that unique day that will be your marriage but in the romantic, beautiful Italy?

The groom is picked, the country of magic is selected: the only thing left to do is… everything. But if you don’t want to turn this unique day of joy and celebration in a logistic nightmare, the best option for you will be to choose a wedding agency in Italy for the organization. The agency will help you at every step, selecting the venue, proposing catering and florist – till stylist and photograph, bringing all the elements that will help make of that day a day to remember.

They will offer a large range of options: for a luxury wedding, you can, for instance, choose the charm of an old castle booked for you and your guests private use; for a simple, intimate celebration, you can rent a charming villa and its gardens, or again, you could choose a countryside wedding… In Italy, you’re bound to find the venue of your dreams.

Friuli Venezia Giulia is a diverse and picturesque region, perfect for a celebration. Lovely cities, little clusters of cultural value, or small villages with pastoral views… Sea, mountains, and lakes… the region offers something for every taste.  You can visit the beautiful cities and cultural centres of the region, full of tourism delights, during your trip, but a good agency will not recommend them to hold a celebration. Crowds of tourists and passersby will not allow you and your guests to celebrate freely, impeding movements and emotions, bumping in your pictures and ruining the moment.

To enjoy a wedding day full of joy and comfort, the agency will help you locate the perfect village or mountain spot, the villa on the seaside or in the countryside, tucked between vineyards and olive trees, where you can make all the charm of that historical place yours for your magical day.

Horse riding, wine degustation, local products tasting, golf or cooking classes… They will let you select the best activities that the region offers to entertain your guests, and arrange excursions according to all preferences: a walk around a historical city, a trip to the countryside or a spending spree in a brand’s shopping avenue!

Be aware that to plan the perfect wedding day, booking the right venue and the right activities, you will need to start preparations early, usually at least 8 months before the chosen date. This will also enable you and your guests to book flights well in advance at reasonable rates.

Holding your wedding in Italy is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, a fairytale event for which you need a perfect organization, and none of the hassle. Choose the right operator to help you organize your day, and you will bring back everlasting memories of beautiful moments, and the best pictures to reminisce them with friends, family, and children to be.


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