Headdresses for celebrities: Russian designer Yana Markova

We are pleased to introduce our partner:

designer with great prospects Yana Markova tells about herself


“I worked as a designer in the mass-market, but I liked to embody the limitless design fantasies. In the mass-market it’s not possible, the main task of the designer is to decide “to cut sleeve or pocket?” to keep within the budget.
I left work and flew to the United States. It so happened that at a party in Los Angeles I met with an assistant of Katy Perry’s stylist. A word for word, it turned out – he is looking for a hat for Katy. I proposed to create this accessory. A week later, Kathy has shone in the headdress.
Also in the US, I went to the hatter’s course.

I create art objects. Headgear for me – a picture, not on canvas, but in 3D. Details are created specifically for each headdress, without semi-finished products.
I produce the hats that are difficult to replicate, not mass-market.

A creative person – it is a philosophy.
Ability to copy is possible at the stage of formation of the creative person to get the basics. But for me, professionalism is an innovation. This is the highest level of a creative person.
To be popular, you need to surprise, so you need to learn and to improve yourself constantly. Discipline, persistence and work create a success.”

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