Why we opened our event agency

FVG Venue is an event planning company established in the enchanting Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG). FVG is a relatively little known but enchanting region at the North-East of Italy, confined by Austria, Slovenia and the Italian Veneto. This small territory proudly harbours a wonderful diversity of landscapes and colours: the azure Adriatic sea, the rose Dolomites mountains (a Unesco heritage site), green hills and vineyards, turquoise lakes and rivers, golden beaches. As everything is conveniently close, one day you will find yourself mountain skiing, and the next you will enjoy the seaside… And of course, every single day will be a gastronomic paradise: the food specialities and wines of this region have an exceptional reputation.

Victoria Strelets, co-founder of FVG Venue

Founded here FVG Venue has made its mission to make this amazing region more well known, and organize here the event of your dreams, planning it all carefully so that you can peacefully discover – and fall in love – with this beautiful northern part of Italy.

Assisted by our wide network of castles, villas, vineyards and professionals, FVG Venue can offer a range of services, from simple location scouting (helping you select the perfect location for your event) to complete organization of the event of your choice: wedding, anniversary, pre-wedding photo sessions, business event such as gala dinner, team-buildings or workshops. Our professional skills and ample network will make event planning, oftentimes complicated, very easy; while the region will delight you by the sheer diversity of landscapes, activities, cultural delights it offers, which you will be among the first to discover, freeing yourself from the usual masses of tourists in others too popular places.

While we are biased since we just love the region, one reason that makes FVG such an interesting place to host events is the sheer diversity of locations it offers: it harbours, for instance, more than a hundred castles, among the oldest of Italy, often dating back to the Middle Ages.

Some perched on the top of steep hills, others on cliffs above the sea, some smugly fit inside towns, some bathed by water springs, others surrounded by centuries-old parks… each castle is different from the other and offers its own special flavour, but every single one of them is worth a visit. And the different century old villas that can welcome you and your guests!


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