Gourmet paradise

Of course when we present FVG we need to mention the local gastronomy: for fish lovers the near sea and the numerous rivers deliver abundant seafood and fish: fresh lobsters, shrimps, mussels, squid, sardines, eels – still swimming in the morning – to finish as a delicious dish in your plate a few hours later. A famous speciality is a trout from the Tagliamento, which once smoked acquires a surprisingly delicate taste well loved by gastronomes.

This abundance of seafood does not mean that you should give up on meat if that’s your choice: in FVG the livestock walks freely and eat fragrant wild herbs, allowing locals to naturally raise meat of the best flavour for the joy of our taste buds – and stomachs. The Muset sausage, for instance, shouldn’t be missed: usually served with brovada, white turnip sauerkraut, stewed with bacon in wine, the connoisseurs will accompany it by white wine only.

Another speciality of local farmers is prosciutto: this ham cured by drying is typically served in very thin slices. It is considered without exaggeration as the best in Italy. The San Daniele prosciutto, for instance, takes a whole year to maturate and reach the level of a gastronomic masterpiece, which will be served with melon or figs.

Other regional specialities would include a variety of cheese, among them the Montasio cheese, created by Benedictine monks in the XII century for the pilgrims travelling to Rome to bring a bite to eat during their travel, or the frico – a local dish with a base of fragrant mountain cheese and potatoes.

Finally, the wines of Friuli would deserve a book all by themselves: on the territory of this small region are located 1,500 wineries, producing annually 80 million bottles of world-famous wines, including such gems as Prosecco, Ramandolo and Picolit, not to forget the wine-region symbol, Friulano. According to experts, Friuli is the best area to produce white wines in Italy: you cannot leave without tasting the pride of the region, a dessert wine called Ramandolo – with a golden yellow amber colour and notes of dried apricots and honey, it’s a delight for all senses, and an ideal wine for meditation, as winemakers say it.

We hope that this small introduction to all the delights of our region will have convinced you to come for a visit and to trust us with your stay here – and be ready, as we have, to fall in love with Friuli Venezia Giulia!

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