Prosciutto of San Daniele

The San Daniele’s ham is produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia, exclusively in the hilly territory of the homonymous municipality in the province of Udine. The San Daniele ham association founded in 1961.

Recognised in 1996 as a DOP by the European Union, the San Daniele is unique: high nutritional, easily digestible, made only with the meat of pigs born and raised in ten regions of central and northern Italy and sea salt, without the addition of additives and preservatives.

To understand why the San Daniele there is no trick and no deception, just visit it. The San Daniele is a masterpiece of nature, where it is forbidden to «forcing». Beginning with the meat: fresh legs must arrive as fast as possible to San Daniele (usually within 48 hours) to be processed by recreating the natural rhythm of the seasons. Those who work in this area has no vacation days, it’s a job that requires attention and daily operations from the beginning. Every leg is viewed and meticulously controlled (must have a weight of not less than 12 kg), because the future San Daniele’s ham must be in perfect condition.

The San Daniele’s ham has prepared for at least 13 months (the month more gives a more intense flavour and makes the meat slightly drier): and that is where lies the secret of aroma like no other of ham, «pampered» by the meeting of the winds that descend from the Carnic Alps with the breezes coming from the Adriatic.

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