The Castle of Buttrio

The Castle of Buttrio in Friuli’s Colli Orientali hills, not far from Udine is a historic residence and a wine estate. It offers luxury hotel comfort in a historic setting, countryside to explore on foot or by bicycle and the art cities of Trieste and Udine: a magical trip through history, grace and comfort.

The Castle of Buttrio welcomes guests in an understated ambience where hospitality is discreetly attentive. Time seems to stand still among these vine-scented hills, ancient trees and quiet, leafy paths. It’s an oasis of peace, contemplation and enjoyment.

The Castle of Buttrio is an elegant venue for high-class weddings and events (like private lunches and dinners, food and wine tastings, ceremonies, concerts) in Friuli Venezia Giulia because it offers modern comforts in a setting of historical significance. Charming country buildings and beautifully manicured gardens enable guests to enjoy relaxing views of the rural landscape.

Celebrate your fairy-tale wedding among battlements, ancient wine cellars and elegant reception rooms. There is even a small church at the edge of the park where the happy couple can say “I do”. Every detail can be taken into account by our event agency FVG Venue in the Castle of Buttrio.

For corporate events – be they strategic, training or convivial – choose a venue that combines superb technical organisation with nature, beauty and history. An enjoyable experience, warm memories and fruitful social exchanges will make your event even more effective.

The Castle of Buttrio is a magnificent location for fashion shows, photo sessions, videos and films. It offers superb landscapes with easy access from the motorway network.

The Castle of Buttrio vineyards occupied over 26 hectares. At the Locanda al Castello, traditional Friuli dishes are served with a modern touch. Orzotto (barley risotto) with vegetables, meat, game, omelettes and the ever-present frico (cheese crisp), all prepared with carefully selected fresh ingredients.

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